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Are you ticklish or excited?

Is there anything that unites all people in the world? Do you think this is love for traveling? No. Love for good music? No. Ginger cutie reads an article in the Internet that tells all people on this planet are afraid of tickling. Yes, some do their best to hide their fear and others cannot hold back from laughing when somebody tickles them but still everybody is afraid of tickling. Sure, cutie hurries to check the fact and tickles her boyfriend who soon takes the initiative and pays her back in kind. Finally, they both find themselves caressing each other in bed and not thinking about tickling each other.

January 13, 2019
  • tushtmn

    Creampie at the end was a great change to all the facials.

  • tushtmn

    But the subtitles are gross--just lose them please

  • Admin

    Hi tushtmn, thank you for you comment. We took into account your wishes about cumshot. :) As for the subtitles, do you think it would be convenient if we gave videos without subtitles, but the file with subtitles was attached as a separate file so that who would need subtitles could download them if they wanted?

  • Teddy4E

    Yeah, more creampie scenes! :) I agree with tushtmn, subtitles can spoil everything, atmosphere and just hide all picture. That will be better to attach file with subtiltles, so we can add them if would like to.

  • sonofzog2018

    I like having subtitles. These were tiny and unobtrusive.

  • jayjaylee82

    Shes great! Would look better with dirty blonde hair though. And yes, Creampies are now the way forward. Facials etc are just too common and cliché now

  • 2zypYdtdYKF3

    Elin is a cutie. Creampies are more enjoyable than facials,

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